Even in a highly developed country like Germany, women get 20% less wages for the same work! When children come, that’s 60% and more! That doesn’t have to be anymore!

The internet and digitization are fundamentally changing our working world. However, change also means conversion and risk. The saying „Lost in Transformation“ still applies in Germany today. New basic technologies create new income and career opportunities.
As already reported, the income situation in countries such as Rwanda, Kenya, Nigeria and others have improved significantly. Especially when it comes to women’s power, there is an extraordinary development. A young generation of founders is led there by women of all people. Women found start-ups across all sectors: in the areas of e-commerce, banking, mobile payment, transport and fashionable clothing that is sold to the well-heeled worldwide via the Internet. This dynamic development is based on digitization and the Internet.

Young women have prevailed and become heroes. I have already reported on the meteoric rise of Clarisse Iribagiza – she founded her first start-up at the age of 22 and is now a very big „player“ in the international e-commerce sector. Uche Ogboi founded the company Lori Systems, a kind of Uber for trucks. Nowhere is the transport of goods as expensive as in Africa. Sarah Diouf, fashion designer from Dakar, sells her clothes worldwide via the internet. Her label Tongoro became famous because Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Naomi Campbell wear her dresses.

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  • I am very surprised that Africa is so progressive! Above all, that young female entrepreneurs play a key role in shaping economic growth, really amazing!
    Thank you for this information!

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